Sunday, 13 May 2018


The meeting on 8th May was attended by 38 people including our co-patron Mrs Yoko Matsunaga, wife of the Consul General of Japan, and 5 other visitors. The theme for the meeting was Autumn Grasses in a Basket. A demonstration on the theme was given by Aiko Nakada, head of the Ohara School in Melbourne. 

Aiko created a beautiful naturalistic arrangement in a tall basket using a variety of autumn materials. The tallest material  capturing the autumn grasses feeling was a stem of variegated miscanthus.

Here is her completed work. Below are some of the arrangement made by other members at the meeting.

Bill Riches

Lyn Wong

Kim Ng

Chiemi Daly

Nicole McDonald

Marjorie Campkin-Smith

Lee Johnstone

Qui Nguyen

Akemi Suzuki

Chieko Yazaki

Helen Marriott

Sally Wilkinson

Betty Karanikolopoulos

Emily Karaniklolopoulos

Toula karanikolopoulos

Elizabeth Angell

Trish Ward

Saturday, 28 April 2018


The Chapter workshop held on Saturday 21st April was led by the Sogetsu teacher Lara Telford. Her theme was 'Ikebana and the Colours of Japan'. Lara spoke specifically about the use of red, blue, brown, green, purple, gold and/or silver and referred to their characteristic use with cultural, historical and symbolic references. The workshop participants were allocated one of the seven colours in advance and were asked to make ikebana with the focus on that colour.

Lara illustrated her presentation with three interesting and rather difficult examples on her theme, which she did not require of the participants. 

The first, a white ikebana was called "White circles".

The second, a black and white ikebana was called "Oshirori- Geiko/Maiko’s white makeup".

And the third, a black ikebana, was called "Brush Stroke".

Lara has provided a transcript of her presentation on her blog. Below are some of the participants' ikebana. They are presented in their colour groups. 










Lara's principal reference book was 'The Colors of Japan'. The link will take you to an overview of the book which is brief but interesting in itself.

Sunday, 1 April 2018


This year the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International chose a striking and simple theme for the exhibit at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. A richly coloured gold background set-off the coordinated arrangements. They were presented in black vessels with irregularly placed freestanding black frames. The work of the five schools was rewarded with a bronze medal. Congratulations to the hard working team that put the exhibit together.

General view of the whole exhibit.

View of the left side. The following photos show the individual arrangements.

The Sogetsu School, represented by Philip Keon.

The Ichiyo School team was led by Kaye Wong.

The Ikenobo School team was led by Yukako Braun.

The Ohara School team was led by Aiko Nakada.

The Shogetsudokoryu School team was led by Chieko Yazaki.

L - R: Chieko Yazaki, Aiko Nakada, Yukako Braun.
Front: Kaye Wong.

Thank you to Helen Marriott for the photographs.